Introducing Coldmoon-An Odyssey Into The Defi Ecosystem

At the time of this writing, Coldmoon is just an idea awaiting execution. The token has not been launched; the team are only assembling and have not formed an interactive group; there is no token on Pancakeswap with the $COLD ticker, neither has any token successfully landed on the coldest part of the moon, the side every DeFi project wishes to take its community to. We must confess, however, that some projects have gone close to the moon, but we want to outdo every distance they have covered. We intend to land on the farthest part of the moon. And if there should be a last confession, we must say that your finding us at this stage is a miracle.

So, then, what is Coldmoon and what is our mission?
We, the crew, intend to develop a token with wild pumpamentals; not just a token with hundreds or thousands or a quadrillion supply, but a token that encourages holding, while discouraging dumping simultaneously.
Coldmoon is this token. As a deflationary token, it has between 4–10% fees which will be split as redistributive reward to holders and yield pool. The former case acts as an important tool in maintaining a constantly soaring price floor.
Furthermore, as an incentive to prevent dumping, Coldmoon imposes tax on dumpers as high as 10% on every second transaction when there are two sales going hand-in-hand in the contract. If you plan to jump ship, be careful lest you fall victim to this tax; rejoice, however, if you are a loyal passenger, because your tokens keep increasing in number as we reach for the moon.
It is never late to hop on board!
The Coldmoon ship has a capacity of over 200k holders who will be conveyed safely to the moon. So, if you meet the community at anything less than that, you are still early mate.
Stay glued for more tantalizing info which will be dissipated through this medium as we liftoff draws near. And do have a wonderful blast!